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Coronavirus: Alternative brackets to fill out while quarantined during COVID-19 outbreak

This article was reposted from CBS Sports for the interest of our audience, click here to read the article on their website.  

March is usually a great month for sports; the NBA and NHL regular seasons are winding down and, of course, there is the NCAA Tournament. Filling out brackets every March is practically a sport in itself, and people often spend hours debating, researching and second-guessing their picks. Now, with the majority of sports canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, we’re left with no brackets to fill out and no games to be glued to. People are trying to fill the sports — and bracket — void.

As much as we wish we could give you live sports and an NCAA Tournament for the ages, that’s a bit out of our pay grade. March Madness has not just postponed, but completely canceled. But what we can do, however, is give you brackets. All kinds of brackets. Brackets that inspire debate, frustration and drama. That’s what it’s all about.

So while we can’t give you an NCAA bracket that will result in an actual winner, but we can give you the next best thing: A bracket of brackets. Sports, pop culture, music and miscellaneous brackets… you get to choose which is the best of them all.

Gather your loved ones, while staying six feet apart of course, and get ready to start fights over the best SpongeBob meme of all time, the greatest candy, which Taylor Swift song reigns supreme and what Disney Pixar movie should be crowned king.

(CBS Sports is not responsible for the family fights this will cause.)

Let’s get to the categories and the candidates.


Sports is a good place to start, since many people dying to fill the bracket void are of course, sports fans. These two are rather specific, but even still, they are great time fillers.

Wayne Gretzky or Connor McDavid? Time to find out who the greatest Oilers play of all time is.

Best Nuggets player? Why not?!


If the Jonas Brothers were nominated for a sports award it would be for Comeback Player(s) of the Year.

If you’re in your feels about having to stay inside, pass the time with this Drake bracket.

“All Too Well” should be in everyone’s Final Four.

One Direction has been broken up for years, but the lasting legacy of these iconic songs lives on. Now rank them.

This might be the most difficult one to fill out. Don’t make us choose!

CBS Sports created their own 90’s Pop Song Bracket. Head to our Cover 3 Podcast Twitter account to vote for the first round: Which is the greatest No. 1 hit from back in the day.?

Ignore the fact that two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long filled this one out.

Emo songs from the early 2000s:

Pop Culture/Movies/TV:

The best part about these brackets is that if you haven’t seen the movies or television shows they include you have time to watch them and catch up.

One show I’m almost certain everyone has seen at least once (if not 15 times) is The Office. Michael would be disgusted to learn he’s facing off against Toby.

Scott’s Tots should NOT have made the cut.

This one includes shows from multiple generations, so gather your kids/younger cousins/siblings and debate why Fresh Prince is eons better than Big Time Rush.

Sending out the Bat Signal to all DC fans.

Shifting universes for a moment, here is a much more intense Marvel bracket.

Toy Story vs. Good Dinosaur is the easiest decision you’ll ever make. The others… not so much.

The greatest debate of my childhood: Nickelodeon or Disney?


How about a bracket of potatoes? Starch Madness, baby.

Let’s fight about cereal!

The internet is 70 percent NSFW and 30 percent SpongeBob Memes. Let’s rank the latter.

Candy, MTV shows and fast food chains? Check, check and check.

Fire up the console and blow into the cartridges because it’s about to be a Nintendo throwdown.

Now we are doing something that has never been done, we are absolutely inventing the game, we have created a “Bracket of Brackets.” (We don’t actually know if we’re the first ones to ever do this, but let’s just pretend we are either way.)

Now that you’ve seen all the brackets, which one is going to be crowned the champ?



Bracket of Brackets

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